Where do I begin?

My name is Carrie. I’m a wife, first-time mama, and most recently new mom entrepreneur living in Chicago. In January 2015, my life completely changed with the birth of my first daughter, adorable Miss Leslie. Like many other new mamas, I was excited to start documenting my daughter’s life through photos, starting with the ever-loved monthly milestone photo. Unimpressed with the options available —ahem, onesie stickers and wood blocks— I started looking for a unique way to share Leslie’s monthly development with family and friends. I scoured the app store and the internet and came up with very few options that made it easy for parents to capture and share their baby’s memories and milestones… and so Little Nugget was born!  

Where am I now?

Just nine months after my daughter was born I left my full-time job (gulp) and founded Little Nugget. It was a big [read: crazy] leap. If I am being honest, it is a decision that I question almost every day. It was a decision to leave the certainty of my cushy, secure nine-to-five advertising sales job, from an amazing company, that offered me unmatched benefits and flexibility as a new mom. What was I thinking?!?

Despite the moments of doubt, I don’t regret my decision for a second. It’s a decision that has allowed me to follow my passion. It’s a decision that gives me flexibility to spend more time with my daughter during such a fun stage in her development. Most importantly, it’s a decision that allows me to set an example for my daughter that I never imaged I could. Success or failure, these reasons drive me forward each day and make any lingering shred of doubt worth the worry. 

What to expect from the Little Nugget Blog?

Through this blog I will share my entrepreneurial journey to launch and run the Little Nugget baby photo app. It will be an honest take on my highest highs, my biggest mess-ups, my ride as a woman in tech, and pretty much everything in between. The Little Nugget Blog is not meant to sell you on my business, though in full transparency, it will be the focal point for most of my posts. My hope is that my story will help at least one entrepreneur out there with her/his business. Or at the very least, inspire another mama to take a leap. 

Want to contribute?

I’d LOVE to feature and hear from other #mamaboss’ who have or are starting their own business. Please contact me at hello@littlenuggetco.com if you want to be featured or have a post idea.

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