Our Mission:

To make documenting memories less hard.

A baby photo app created by a mom, for parents.

The days are long, but the years are short. Let us help you document the fleeting moments of parenthood, so your children can treasure a childhood well-lived. From pregnancy bumps, baby milestones, and toddler experiences— the good and bad, the messy and “insta-worthy,” the expressions and experiences— you’ll treasure these moments, and we want to help you.

About Us

Let’s get real for a minute. Being a new mom is hard work. From sleepless nights to exploding diapers to strict feeding schedules, it can be so overwhelming. Combine all that with the pressure of documenting your baby’s early years… we need help!

Mama of two girls and Founder of the Little Nugget app, Carrie Griffith, knows that feeling all too well. That’s why she created the adorable baby photo app, Little Nugget!

Carrie, started Little Nugget after the birth of her first daughter. Overwhelmed by the thousands of photos she took of her daughter, Carrie wanted to create an easier way to personalize, organize and share her daughter’s milestone photos.

With a baby in tow, Carrie worked to bring her vision to life. After nine months of development [and the arrival of her second baby girl], Little Nugget was born in May 2016.

Every aspect of the app was designed with love a passion for documenting life as it happens.

Our Team

Carrie Griffith

Founder & CEO

Christian Jackson

Chief Creative Guru

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