5 Products for Techie Moms

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As a new mom, we have the ultimate intuition on what our baby needs. However, we also need all the help we can get. New moms barely have time to brush their teeth- so anything that helps us function a little bit better is a must-have for us! We wanted to bring you our five favorite tech products for new moms!

1+ Little Nugget App – Our app is designed to make it so much easier to capture baby’s adorable milestones and growth! From pregnancy bumps to baby mess-ups to big kid milestones, Little Nugget captures fleeting moments, big and small, so you can save them for years to come. Download the app here , take photos of your baby, and edit them with over 450+ stickers and artwork. You can even print your photos right from the app!

An awesome way to document baby's first year! With the Little Nugget app and Polka Dot Print Shop Baby book!2+ Hatch Baby Rest – This device is a night light, sound machine, and an OK-to-wake indicator all in one! You can program and control it all from your phone. It’s perfect when you need a little light during those middle of the night feedings. And the many different sound options will help your baby sleep soundly at night. We love that you can control it all from the app!

3+ Tile – While the Tile is not necessarily designed for new moms, we think it’s the perfect tech product for a sleep deprived mom. Mom brain is real, and we don’t have the time to constantly be searching for our favorite items. The tile clips on to anything you are constantly losing- your keys, camera, wallet, husband (just kidding). And you use the app to find these things instantly. It also will ring your phone when you lose it.

4+ Momsense Smart Breastfeeding Meter – This device actually tracks how much your baby nursed. You place the sensor right below baby’s earlobe and it records each time baby swallows. This technology can track and analyze each nursing session to show how much baby nursed. Isn’t that incredible!? This eases so much stress that goes into breastfeeding.

5+ Starling by VersaMe – This product is so unique, but can have amazing long-term effects so we had to share it with you! This is actually a clip on product that tracks and monitors how many words baby hears a day. It is connected to an app on your phone, understands all languages, and helps you engage more with your baby. The goal each day is for baby to hear 10,000 words a day. This device will help you monitor those words and help you reach the goal. How cool is that? And when baby is a toddler, it can track the words they are saying themselves!

We hope you like these 5 products for techie moms! Let us know in the comments what techie product makes your life as a new mom easier.


What people are saying about Little Nugget

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At Little Nugget Co, we pride ourselves on making an awesome app that helps you document and capture your baby’s sweet moments and milestones. We absolutely love when our customers share their feedback about our app on the iTunes App store. We wanted to share some of our favorite customer reviews with you! Here’s what people are saying about the Little Nugget app:

What people are saying about the Little Nugget app! This is a must-have for all moms!

With over 450+ stickers and artwork, our app makes it so easy to customize your photos! Easily edit your baby photo with a selection of over 15 beautiful photo filters.

What people are saying about the Little Nugget app! This is a must-have for all moms!

Editing a baby milestone photo is super quick + easy with our Little Nugget app!

What people are saying about the Little Nugget app! This is a must-have for all moms!

We love this review from Ashleigh smiles because we believe our app is the most user friendly editing app out there! We listen to our customers and fans and make changes when there needs to be one.What people are saying about the Little Nugget app! This is a must-have for all moms!

The Little Nugget app offers lots of different categories including artwork to use during your pregnancy! We have a “Badges by Week” collection to help capture your weekly bump photos. We also have a whole “Pregnancy” collection which has due date stickers, bump artwork, and pregnancy announcements stickers. We even have a whole collection dedicated to “Multiples + Preemies”!

Here are some other reviews from our awesome customers and fans: 

“I love that I can snap a picture and add filters and text later rather than having to use a chalkboard and get him to stand still with it” – A cunningham87

“I can’t stop taking pics of my little guy just so I can create doodles and art on the pictures for our family.” – Jronsenthal02

“With this app I am able to remember the milestones and daily things that happen in my children’s life with a few simple clicks. I feel like I am creating works of art in no time.” – Asks she

“I’d recommend this app to any pregnant mommy!” Jackie88marie

“It’s so easy and extremely organized.” – DevynOatmeal

What are you waiting for? 

Download the Little Nugget App today!

 Download the Little Nugget app today

5 Baby Apps you Need!

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We all use our phones for everything! They are always close by, and they can be incredibly helpful, especially during those early baby months. These apps can really enhance your life, make things easier, and keep your nerves at bay!


Baby Tracker

This app is awesome to use in the hospital & for the first few weeks at home. It allows you to keep track of feedings, diaper changes, sleeping, and more. I love it because it helps me remember the last time I fed baby and on what side! Another cool feature is you can add your baby’s weight and height and it tell you their percentiles. Kinda cool!

Download the app here.

Top 5 Baby Apps you Must Have!


Peanut is like a social network for moms! It makes it easy to find moms near you, and makes it easy to meet. As a mom, we need a support system + the more women in your life, the better! You can even join chat groups and suggest your own meet ups!

Download the app here.

Top 5 Baby Apps you Must Have!

Little Nugget

Little Nugget is an app to capture pregnancy and baby milestones by adding custom artwork and personalized text to your baby photos in seconds. It makes monthly baby photos and bump photos so fun and easy to make! We are constantly updating the app to bring you the newest artwork and text. And you can even print your designs right from the app!

Download our app here.

Baby Sparks

This app is $4.99 but is SO worth it! If you ever are wondering what activities to do with your baby, you NEED this app! It gives you 11 activities to do each day that are age appropriate. It includes activities for different categories like gross motor, fine motor, speech, social, etc. I love it! I found myself doing the same few games with my baby… until I got this app. It’s a lot of fun, and you know your helping your baby learn and grow.

Download the app here.

Top 5 Baby Apps you Must Have!

Wonder Weeks

This app is based on the book, but is only $1.99. The idea is that all babies go through developmental leaps. After a leap, they learn new skills. However, leaps also make babies sorta fussy and irritable. This app lets you know when your baby is going to be in a “sunny” time or a “stormy” time. It has been extremely helpful. When baby is acting a little extra fussy- I look on the app and sure enough it is a stormy week. It makes me feel better that she is just going through a lot of changes and it is not something that I am doing.

Download the app here.

Top 5 Baby Apps you Must Have!

I hope you find these apps as helpful as I do! What baby apps do you use?

Take Better Photos With Your iPhone

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Taking great pictures takes time + practice. Some people practice for years to get it right! But, let’s face it. We don’t always have the time or money to invest in professional photography gear. But most of us DO have a iPhone! We wanted to share our top 10 tips for taking better photos with your iPhone!

1 + Wipe off camera lens: This is such an easy tip, but one that’s forgotten a lot. Your phone is constantly being tossed around, going in and out of diaper bags and purses. And if you’re like me, it ends up dropped on the floor A LOT. Before taking your next shot, wipe off the lens on the back. It’ll make a huge difference.

2+Natural light is KEY: This is probably the most important tip of photography. Look for the light. Natural light is the best kind. I actually prefer turning off lamps and overhead light to reduce the yellow tint in my photos. Another great tip- if you’re outside, look for a shady spot to take a photo instead of BRIGHT sun.

3+ Tap on screen to adjust brightness: When in your camera app, tap on different parts of the screen to adjust the brightness. I always touch the darkest part of the photo and then swipe up with my finger to make it brighter.

4+ Keep it LOCKED: Hold your finger on the screen (in the camera app) for a couple of seconds to LOCK the screen. This means that the settings freeze where they are.

5+ Be super still: Another one of those tips that’s super simple, but easily forgotten. Try not to move when your taking a photo. I know it’s hard when your chasing after a toddler. Keep your hands as still as possible to keep a photo sharp.

6+ Check your background: When taking photos of my daughter, I look for neutral, plain backgrounds. You want the focus to be on your subject, not the stuff in the background.

7+ Don’t use iPhone zoom: If you want to get a closer shot, physically walk closer to your subject. You’ll get a way sharper shot. The iPhone does zoo, it’s not high quality. Get closer, instead.

8+ Use photo apps!: Even professional photographers edit their photos. It’s actually known to be the most important step of photography. My favorite is VSCO. I add a filter, crop, brighten, bump up the clarity and we’re good to go!

9+ iPhone 7 portrait mode: Have you tried this yet?! This feature on the new iPhone is a great way to get a professional look using your phone!

10+ Little Nugget App: Our app, Little Nugget is the perfect way to capture your baby’s sweet moments and milestones. From pregnancy bumps to baby mess-ups to big kid milestones, Little Nugget captures fleeting moments, big and small, so you can save them for years to come. We also have a feature that allows you to print your designs right from the app! Perfect to put in a baby book or scrapbook!


I hope these tips are helpful for the next time you take photos with your phone!

This post was written by mom blogger, Kari from www.gracefulmommy.com . Follow along on her instagram: www.instagram.com/gracefulmommy.