How to create a milestone video

The Little Nugget app is the perfect way to create milestone photos. From pregnancy bumps to baby mess-ups to big kid milestones, our app helps you capture those fleeting moments. We have tons of stickers + designs that are created for each + every milestone your child hits. We make it easy to create monthly baby + bump updates!

Lately, we have been seeing some of our Little Nugget users get creative with our app. We want to share with you some tips + tricks for making a milestone video using our Little Nugget app + some other useful apps.

How to create a milestone video with the Little Nugget appKari from @gracefulmommy is pregnant with her second baby. She uses our app to document her growing baby bump every couple of weeks with a fun video update.

How to create a pregnancy milestone video with the Little Nugget app

We asked @gracefulmommy to share some of her tips + tricks with us on how she creates these fun + engaging videos! Here’s what she says,

1+ First, download the Little Nugget app. This is my favorite app for document my growing bump (and also my 2 year old’s milestones). The stickers are so fresh + fun and are constantly being updated.

2+ Take a photo. I always enlist my husbands help for my bump photos. You could also try setting your phone up on a tripod or a wall. Say “cheeeeeese”!

3+ Pick your favorite photo (you know it always takes a few snaps to get the one you love). Open up the Little Nugget app and open that awesome photo.

4+ Here’s the trick. It takes a tiny bit longer to make a video, but the end result is so cute! Add one sticker to your photo. Save + finish in the app. Then, open back up the original photo, and add another sticker. Keep repeating this until you have about 5-6 different photos with stickers. Sometimes I’ll add 2 Little Nugget stickers at at time, but I think the effect is really cool when you just have one sticker at a time popping up!

5+ By now, you should have 5-6 photos with stickers saved to your camera roll. Now we need to upload them all to another app to create the video. My 2 favorite apps for turning your Little Nugget designs into video are Flipagram + GIF maker. Both are super easy. Just upload the photos you designed and hit next. You can adjust how fast or slow the photos change. I typically like to have them pop up faster, as I think these are more fun to watch.

6+ That’s it! Be sure to share your video to Instagram and tag #littlenuggetco so we can see your awesome designs!


+Instead of using the SAME photo and changing the stickers, you can also try doing it the other way around. Try taking a few photos in the same spot. Add a Little Nugget sticker in the same spot on each of the photos. This is a super fun way to make your milestone photos more engaging!

+Add doodles, too! Little Nugget has a whole section of fun doodles. These are perfect to add to your video, in addition to the milestone stickers!


How to create a pregnancy milestone video with the Little Nugget app

How to create a pregnancy milestone video with the Little Nugget app

How to create a pregnancy milestone video with the Little Nugget app

We can’t wait to see the videos you create using our Little Nugget app! Be sure to share them on Instagram using @littlenuggetoco + #littlenuggetco!

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