An Adoption Love Story

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Hi! My name is Claire Johnson and I am the proud adoptive mama to our precious gift, Mia. 

Before becoming a mom through the gift of adoption, my road to motherhood was a little bumpy and unknown. I knew I wanted to be a mom since I was a child but I didn’t know that it would take a lot of patience, prayer, and time. And although I knew I wanted to adopt a child of my own someday, I didn’t know that was going to be the key to myself becoming a mom!

My husband and I tried to start a family for a couple years without success. After we sought medical help and were tested, doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with the both of us and ruled our infertility to be unexplained. We tried two procedures six months apart and they were both unsuccessful. 

We had a really hard time finding joy during that time. It was also difficult for us to be optimistic and celebrate the little moments in life. Because we felt like a part of us was missing, we found it hard to be excited about our future since it was so unknown. We felt like our life was on pause and we didn’t have the answers to all of the questions we were asking. We, including the doctors, couldn’t put a finger on what exactly the reason was. That is until adoption answered our hearts’ desires and our daughter was born. 

The adoption process was demanding but we were so excited and started celebrating each milestone we hit. We felt lighter and we felt we were in the right place. Mia’s birth mom picked us early on in her pregnancy so we were able to celebrate the milestones of her pregnancy as well! Each doctor’s appointment, her gender reveal, picking her name, meeting her birth mom for the first time. And the minute I witnessed that baby girl enter the world, the biggest celebration began and has not stopped!

We now get to celebrate milestones unique to adoption and to us like her adoption finalization, our family being sealed in the temple, our family birthday, National Adoption Day, Birth Mother’s Day, the anniversary of our adoption match along with the typical milestones of her first steps, first tooth, first hair cut, first foods, and first words. We have so many reasons to celebrate and count our blessings because of adoption! We love being adoptive parents; especially to our Mia!

"Adoption itself is a wonderful celebration of selflessness, love, sacrifice, and dreams coming true!! "

One piece of advice we always tell hopeful adoptive parents is that even though the adoption process may be long, emotionally draining, and demanding, the steps and milestones of their adoption should be celebrated! The paperwork, the background checks, the home study, and the hours of communicating with potential birth parents are all milestones to be celebrated and cherished for it’ll bring them the greatest blessing they’ll ever know! I am so thankful that we knew the importance of recording the journey from the very beginning and now have the ability to look back at our road to parenthood! It’s been a wild ride so far!