Capture Your Adoption Story with Little Nugget

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At Little Nugget we recognize not all families start with a little blue line. Some families are built biologically. Some are blended through marriage. Some through adoption. Regardless of how a family is built, all that matters is a family is a family. Every family has a story to tell, moments to remember, and milestones to capture. Our mission is to help all families capture their story.

Announcing Our Adoption Milestone Category!

We’re excited to announce a new category in our app specifically for adoptive families. From making your adoption announcement to filling out paperwork to finding your match to meeting your child, you can now capture every adoption milestone with Little Nugget.

Capture your adoption milestones with Little Nugget.

Adoption can be a long, emotional and demanding journey for parents. Capturing your adoption story from the beginning is important. It’s the story of how you became parents. It’s the story of how you built your family. It’s a story your child will one day look back on and treasure. We’re so honored to help families tell their story.

Send us your adoption milestones.

Recognizing every adoption is different, we worked with some incredible adoptive families to create milestone artwork that covers all potential milestones. A special thank you to Claire Johnson and Leanne Johnson for your input and help. If something is missing or you have a sticker idea, please email us at hello@littlenuggetco.com.

Share your adoption journey. Send us your adoption milestones.

As a mama and founder, one of the most rewarding parts Little Nugget is sharing in on your family moments and milestones. We’d love to also be apart of your adoption journey. To share your adoption milestones and have a chance to be featured, follow @littlenuggetco on Instagram and tag your pics with #littlenuggetco.

How to create a milestone video with the Little Nugget app

How to create a milestone video

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The Little Nugget app is the perfect way to create milestone photos. From pregnancy bumps to baby mess-ups to big kid milestones, our app helps you capture those fleeting moments. We have tons of stickers + designs that are created for each + every milestone your child hits. We make it easy to create monthly baby + bump updates!

Lately, we have been seeing some of our Little Nugget users get creative with our app. We want to share with you some tips + tricks for making a milestone video using our Little Nugget app + some other useful apps.

How to create a milestone video with the Little Nugget appKari from @gracefulmommy is pregnant with her second baby. She uses our app to document her growing baby bump every couple of weeks with a fun video update.

How to create a pregnancy milestone video with the Little Nugget app

We asked @gracefulmommy to share some of her tips + tricks with us on how she creates these fun + engaging videos! Here’s what she says,

1+ First, download the Little Nugget app. This is my favorite app for document my growing bump (and also my 2 year old’s milestones). The stickers are so fresh + fun and are constantly being updated.

2+ Take a photo. I always enlist my husbands help for my bump photos. You could also try setting your phone up on a tripod or a wall. Say “cheeeeeese”!

3+ Pick your favorite photo (you know it always takes a few snaps to get the one you love). Open up the Little Nugget app and open that awesome photo.

4+ Here’s the trick. It takes a tiny bit longer to make a video, but the end result is so cute! Add one sticker to your photo. Save + finish in the app. Then, open back up the original photo, and add another sticker. Keep repeating this until you have about 5-6 different photos with stickers. Sometimes I’ll add 2 Little Nugget stickers at at time, but I think the effect is really cool when you just have one sticker at a time popping up!

5+ By now, you should have 5-6 photos with stickers saved to your camera roll. Now we need to upload them all to another app to create the video. My 2 favorite apps for turning your Little Nugget designs into video are Flipagram + GIF maker. Both are super easy. Just upload the photos you designed and hit next. You can adjust how fast or slow the photos change. I typically like to have them pop up faster, as I think these are more fun to watch.

6+ That’s it! Be sure to share your video to Instagram and tag #littlenuggetco so we can see your awesome designs!


+Instead of using the SAME photo and changing the stickers, you can also try doing it the other way around. Try taking a few photos in the same spot. Add a Little Nugget sticker in the same spot on each of the photos. This is a super fun way to make your milestone photos more engaging!

+Add doodles, too! Little Nugget has a whole section of fun doodles. These are perfect to add to your video, in addition to the milestone stickers!


How to create a pregnancy milestone video with the Little Nugget app

How to create a pregnancy milestone video with the Little Nugget app

How to create a pregnancy milestone video with the Little Nugget app

We can’t wait to see the videos you create using our Little Nugget app! Be sure to share them on Instagram using @littlenuggetoco + #littlenuggetco!

Tips for Taking Monthly Baby Photos

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One of the most rewarding things about owning the Little Nugget app is watching babies grow + change through customer photos. One of our favorite photos to be tagged in is monthly baby updates. There is something so magical about watching a baby change each month from newborn to one year.

We wanted to share some of our favorite customer monthly baby photos with you, as well as some tips to make yours look the best! Stick around to the bottom to read more about a giveaway we’re having!

Tips for taking monthly baby photosFirst, download the Little Nugget App.

1+ Take monthly photos on a blanket 

One of our favorite blanket shops is Batz Kids. They make adorable milestone blankets that help you track baby’s growth. These make monthly photos so simple + easy because you just lay baby down on the blanket, take a photo, and edit the photo on your phone, using Little Nugget, with all important details!

Tips for taking Monthly Baby Photos

Photo: @poetearlyrose

Tips for taking Monthly Baby Photos

Photo: @eastcoastnoise

2+ Take monthly photos with the same stuffed animal 

Using a stuffed animal for each monthly photo is a great way to show baby’s growth visually. Each month baby will start to look bigger next to the stuffed animal. By one year, you can really see how much baby grew. Plus, every time you see that stuffed animal you will be reminded of how teeny tiny baby was!

Photos: @sammiejo72

Sit baby down on a chair or on the ground next to the stuffed animal. Take a few photos and add a Little Nugget sticker to the best one!

Photo: @strawberriesandlilies

Photo: @caitlincarfagno

3+ Use a consistent background 

There are two ways to make this work: either use the same, simple, background each month. OR use different colorful backgrounds each month. Both of these options result in the cutest monthly photos. If you choose to use simple backgrounds, your photos will be consistent and look great together in a collage or on a photo wall.

Here is my own daughter, Evie. She just turned ONE! I chose to use a white furry rug so the background had some texture, and lots of space to add stickers and designs.

If you choose to use different colorful backgrounds, it results in a super fun collage and a great variety in each photo!

Photos: @pure_gliss

4+ Add doodles 

Our Little Nugget app has tons of doodles and things to add to each monthly photo! We love when our customers add hearts, balloons, or stars to the open space of their photos. One fun idea is to add a sticker to represent that month of baby’s life. So if it’s Christmas, add a Santa hat on baby for that month! Or for the month of July, have baby hold an American Flag sticker! These are all great ways to remember that month of baby’s life!

Photos: @sarahelepelaars

5+ Add details + text 

It’s so important to keep track of baby’s growth and milestones each month. This is something that all parents love to look back on. Rather than trying to keep track of a baby book each month, you can try to add some of the important memories of the month right onto a photo with the Little Nugget app!

Photo: @scrapshackamarillo 

6+ Put baby in a white onesie

Real life monthly baby stickers are cute. But, let me tell you a secret. They are IMPOSSIBLE to capture each month. Once baby learns how to rip them off, you can forget about your photo each month. Instead, put baby in a white onesie, take a photo and add a sticker to their belly AFTER. Problems SOLVED.

Photos: @life.by.abc

There are so many creative ways to document baby’s monthly growth. We hope these tips help you choose the right style for you! Our app, Little Nugget makes capturing these moments so simple, easy + fun.

Download the app here.


To enter: Post a monthly photo or collage and tag #LittleNuggetCo on Instagram. We will pick one winner who will get a $50 print shop credit.


Take Better Photos With Your iPhone

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Taking great pictures takes time + practice. Some people practice for years to get it right! But, let’s face it. We don’t always have the time or money to invest in professional photography gear. But most of us DO have a iPhone! We wanted to share our top 10 tips for taking better photos with your iPhone!

1 + Wipe off camera lens: This is such an easy tip, but one that’s forgotten a lot. Your phone is constantly being tossed around, going in and out of diaper bags and purses. And if you’re like me, it ends up dropped on the floor A LOT. Before taking your next shot, wipe off the lens on the back. It’ll make a huge difference.

2+Natural light is KEY: This is probably the most important tip of photography. Look for the light. Natural light is the best kind. I actually prefer turning off lamps and overhead light to reduce the yellow tint in my photos. Another great tip- if you’re outside, look for a shady spot to take a photo instead of BRIGHT sun.

3+ Tap on screen to adjust brightness: When in your camera app, tap on different parts of the screen to adjust the brightness. I always touch the darkest part of the photo and then swipe up with my finger to make it brighter.

4+ Keep it LOCKED: Hold your finger on the screen (in the camera app) for a couple of seconds to LOCK the screen. This means that the settings freeze where they are.

5+ Be super still: Another one of those tips that’s super simple, but easily forgotten. Try not to move when your taking a photo. I know it’s hard when your chasing after a toddler. Keep your hands as still as possible to keep a photo sharp.

6+ Check your background: When taking photos of my daughter, I look for neutral, plain backgrounds. You want the focus to be on your subject, not the stuff in the background.

7+ Don’t use iPhone zoom: If you want to get a closer shot, physically walk closer to your subject. You’ll get a way sharper shot. The iPhone does zoo, it’s not high quality. Get closer, instead.

8+ Use photo apps!: Even professional photographers edit their photos. It’s actually known to be the most important step of photography. My favorite is VSCO. I add a filter, crop, brighten, bump up the clarity and we’re good to go!

9+ iPhone 7 portrait mode: Have you tried this yet?! This feature on the new iPhone is a great way to get a professional look using your phone!

10+ Little Nugget App: Our app, Little Nugget is the perfect way to capture your baby’s sweet moments and milestones. From pregnancy bumps to baby mess-ups to big kid milestones, Little Nugget captures fleeting moments, big and small, so you can save them for years to come. We also have a feature that allows you to print your designs right from the app! Perfect to put in a baby book or scrapbook!


I hope these tips are helpful for the next time you take photos with your phone!

This post was written by mom blogger, Kari from www.gracefulmommy.com . Follow along on her instagram: www.instagram.com/gracefulmommy.