DIY Valentines Day Gifts from Baby

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If you are anything like me, you love celebrating fun holidays with your family, but don’t have a ton of time to put into planning and making crafts #momlife For Valentines Day this year, I am planning on gifting adorable photo gifts to my family using artwork from the Little Nugget app.  The gifts will be super fast and easy and i know my family will love receiving them. If you are looking for an easy DIY Valentines Day gift from baby, keep reading.

Step 1:

Take an adorable picture of your baby from your iPhone or simply use a photo that you already love. We have some great tips on taking photos of your baby with your phone.

Step 2:

Upload the photo to the Little Nugget app and add artwork from our Valentines Day collection.

Step 3:

Print your pics using our printing service, or if you are a little last minute, run to your local grocery store or Target. A lot of local photo shops have apps so you can order the prints directly from your phone.

Thinking of turning your Valentines Day photo into a gift? Here are a couple of fun ideas…

  1. Gift the photo in your favorite frame or simple wooden photoblock.
  2. Print the photo on a postcard and send it to family and friends that live out of town.
  3. Help your little one paint a picture around the photo print.
  4. Create a custom phone case with the photo using the Little Nugget printing service.
  5. Print the photo on a mug, t-shirt or pillow so family can always enjoy the photo!

Looking for inspiration for your pic? We’ll be sharing some of our favorite Valentines Day baby pics on our Instagram profile. Follow us @littlenuggetco and tag #LittleNuggetCo for a chance to be featured.

Take Better Photos With Your iPhone

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Taking great pictures takes time + practice. Some people practice for years to get it right! But, let’s face it. We don’t always have the time or money to invest in professional photography gear. But most of us DO have a iPhone! We wanted to share our top 10 tips for taking better photos with your iPhone!

1 + Wipe off camera lens: This is such an easy tip, but one that’s forgotten a lot. Your phone is constantly being tossed around, going in and out of diaper bags and purses. And if you’re like me, it ends up dropped on the floor A LOT. Before taking your next shot, wipe off the lens on the back. It’ll make a huge difference.

2+Natural light is KEY: This is probably the most important tip of photography. Look for the light. Natural light is the best kind. I actually prefer turning off lamps and overhead light to reduce the yellow tint in my photos. Another great tip- if you’re outside, look for a shady spot to take a photo instead of BRIGHT sun.

3+ Tap on screen to adjust brightness: When in your camera app, tap on different parts of the screen to adjust the brightness. I always touch the darkest part of the photo and then swipe up with my finger to make it brighter.

4+ Keep it LOCKED: Hold your finger on the screen (in the camera app) for a couple of seconds to LOCK the screen. This means that the settings freeze where they are.

5+ Be super still: Another one of those tips that’s super simple, but easily forgotten. Try not to move when your taking a photo. I know it’s hard when your chasing after a toddler. Keep your hands as still as possible to keep a photo sharp.

6+ Check your background: When taking photos of my daughter, I look for neutral, plain backgrounds. You want the focus to be on your subject, not the stuff in the background.

7+ Don’t use iPhone zoom: If you want to get a closer shot, physically walk closer to your subject. You’ll get a way sharper shot. The iPhone does zoo, it’s not high quality. Get closer, instead.

8+ Use photo apps!: Even professional photographers edit their photos. It’s actually known to be the most important step of photography. My favorite is VSCO. I add a filter, crop, brighten, bump up the clarity and we’re good to go!

9+ iPhone 7 portrait mode: Have you tried this yet?! This feature on the new iPhone is a great way to get a professional look using your phone!

10+ Little Nugget App: Our app, Little Nugget is the perfect way to capture your baby’s sweet moments and milestones. From pregnancy bumps to baby mess-ups to big kid milestones, Little Nugget captures fleeting moments, big and small, so you can save them for years to come. We also have a feature that allows you to print your designs right from the app! Perfect to put in a baby book or scrapbook!


I hope these tips are helpful for the next time you take photos with your phone!

This post was written by mom blogger, Kari from www.gracefulmommy.com . Follow along on her instagram: www.instagram.com/gracefulmommy.