Newborn Baby Essentials

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Newborn Baby Essentials + must haves for babies!

Finding the perfect products for baby is hard! We’re here to bring you our favorite newborn baby products, that are also ADORABLE. These seven essentials will help make your life easier during baby’s first year.

1+ Little Nugget App 

The Little Nugget app helps you capture your baby’s sweet moments and milestones. Our app has tons of stickers + doodles that make your monthly bump photos more fun + easy to document. In the app, there is a whole announcement category that allows you to make those gorgeous newborn baby announcements right from your phone! Make sure to download the app before baby is born so you can use all sorts of fun stickers + artwork- starting right when baby is born!

Newborn Baby Essentials + must haves for babies!

Download the app here.

2+ Little Adi + Co. Outfit 

One of our favorite newborn outfits is this gorgeous bodysuit from Little Adi + Co. The “Today is the day” saying is TOO cute for a precious new baby. We love the natural organic color, too!

You can also find the cutest infant knot beanies in her shop! We love how the black one looks with the onesie!

Newborn Baby Essentials + must haves for babies!Shop the outfit here. 

3+ Loved By Sophia Claire Pacifier Clip 

The Loved By Sophia Claire leather braided pacifier clip will become your most loved baby accessory. Created to simplify the the modern moms’ everyday life. It’s perfect for babies on the go and to keep your baby’s pacifier or toy from endlessly falling on the floor.

Newborn Baby Essentials + must haves for babies!

Shop tons of colors here.

4+ Bannor Toys Rattle 

This beautiful baby rattle is organic, finished with a natural beeswax/flaxseed oil finish. It is smooth, safe for babies, and makes a fun noise. We love the look and feel of this rattle because it’s so beautiful to look at! It’s the perfect shape for a babies grip!

Newborn Baby Essentials + must haves for babies!Find the rattle here.

5+ Dockatot 

The Dockatot is the perfect docking station for your baby! It offers a safe + comfy spot that lets baby rest, lounge, play, cuddle, practice tummy time, or even get their diaper changed. We love how lightweight it is- perfect for traveling or visiting the Grandparents. The Dockatot comes in tons of styles to match your mood, room + style- but we personally love the Mod Pod design!

Newborn Baby Essentials + must haves for babies!Shop Dockatot here.

6+ Sweet Ellie Sue Swaddle 

Every newborn needs a cute swaddle blanket! We LOVE this one from Sweet Ellie Sue because of the adorable saying + print on it. This swaddle is SO soft + gentle. We love that you can use it as a wall hanging in baby’s room, a swaddle blanket, a nursing cover, or even a play mat!

Newborn Baby Essentials + must haves for babies!Find the swaddle here.

7+ Baby Book from Polka Dot Print Shop 

A baby book is a must have! Documenting baby’s first year can be daunting, but it’s not something you want to skip. It’s so important to document each milestone and memory! We love the Polka Dot Print Shop’s baby books, especially this gorgeous Palm one! It’s full of awesome journaling pages + spots for photos.

Newborn Baby Essentials + must haves for babies!Shop baby books here.


When will my baby sleep through the night?

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Newborn Sleep Survival Guide || Little Nugget“When can my baby sleep through the night?   When can I stop swaddling? and “ When can I drop the dream feed?” are some of the first questions as a Mom that I found asking myself (and Googling for hours).  With so much conflicting information and advice from my friends and the Internet, I decided to really dedicate myself to learning as much about infant sleep as possible. Knowing what to expect and about WHEN to expect it made me feel just a little less crazy in the Motherhood department!  Let’s take a peek at the sleep milestones for the first year:

When to Expect Your Baby to Sleep All Night

This is the TOP reason why you’re reading this post, am I right?  This answer is dependent on what you consider “sleeping through the night.”  A newborn will need up to 8 weeks to switch their internal clocks from Night to Day, and feedings will occur every 1-3 hours.  By month two, a healthy full-term baby is capable of 4-6 hour stretches at night, and by month three, some parents will see that stretch to 6-10 hours.  At month four, that will stretch to 8 hours for some children, and 10+ hours after the fourth month regression subsides.  These are best case scenarios!  Some children just pick it up sooner, especially those without pre-existing sleep crutches such as “needing to nurse to sleep” or always having something in their mouths to doze off.  Comparing yourself to others will only frustrate you, so always team up with your doctor to see what your particular child is capable of.  Expectations: Anywhere from 3-9 months.

When to Drop all Night Feedings

Information that you read online pertaining to this varies WIDELY.  This is completely dependent on your child’s age, weight, growth chart, and how many calories they are consuming during the day.  A 6-month old baby for example whom wakes up 3 times a night for a full 10 minute feed each time is NOT capable of cold-turkey night weaning.  Always work with your doctor and review your child’s growth chart if you need assistance with this.  Once you have the green light from your doctor or lactation consultant to stretch out feedings at night, give it a shot for at least a week.  I’ve seen children as young as 3 months sleep 12 hours without a feed, and children as old as 12 months still receive a dream feed, so take it at your own pace. Of course I always recommend keeping a dream feed for at least 7 months to keep a happy, healthy and fed baby, and most doctors will agree that by 9 months, baby should be able to sleep all night (11+ hours) without a feed.  Expectations: Anywhere from 5-12 months.

When to Drop the Swaddle

The quick & easy answer: When baby begins to roll from front to back.  This can happen anywhere between 2-6 months depending on your child’s development, and I recommend slowly reducing the swaddle by one or both arms out for a few nights, followed by a sleep sack.  By the time baby reaches 3 months of age, the Moro Reflex (that makes them feel as though they are falling) will begin to subside and baby can sleep much more soundly without his or her arms bundled up.  Expectations: Anywhere between 3-6 months.

When to Drop the Evening Catnap

Parents often tell me that the evening catnap is the most difficult and frustrating part of their day, so it’s no surprise to me that this is a common question in my business.  On average, babies whom are at least 6 months are able to drop down to two naps per day, and some take a little longer, depending mostly on how long they nap and how well they are sleeping at night.  You’ll know your baby is ready to drop the 3rd catnap when he or she plays or fusses the entire time, or sleeps less than 30 minutes for 3 days a week, for 3 weeks in a row.  Expectations: Anywhere between 6-9 months.

Newborn Sleep Survival Guide || Little Nugget

And Finally……The End of the Sleep Regressions

You’ll experience a total of THREE sleep regressions before your child’s first birthday, and some will affect children more than others.  Sleep regressions at ages 4, 8, & 12 months old are usually a result of a cognitive explosion in baby’s brain (becoming smarter & more aware!) or a gross motor development.  The 4-month regression usually affects all children, while the 8 & 12 month can sneak by sometimes completely unnoticed.  It’s important when passing through these regressions that you are consistent, and try not to over intervene.  Always give baby a chance to resettle themselves first, and stick with your routines.  Expectations: After 2+ years

“So how do I help baby reach these milestones without regressing?”

  • Option 1: Keep it simple and contact me at Hello@SleepandtheCity.com.  We can help you through these milestones & any regressions that may result quickly and identify any underlying causes that could be hindering your success.
  • Option 2: Ride it out and stay consistent in your response, and respond age-appropriately.  And then drop us a line if it all goes south.

In the end, always be sure to use my “Sleep and the City” rules for successful sleep shaping:

  • The same sleeping environment is encouraged ( meaning one place over and over, or to start, at least one nap in the desired sleep place per day).
  • Swaddle (0-6 months) for nighttime and nap times as needed
  • Comfy outfits for nap time
  • White noise is continuously running; a one with low rumbling is best
  • Room is completely dark for naps & nighttime (nightlight over 2+ years ok)
  • Understand the Wake windows by age (download at www.sleepandthecity.com)
  • Pause before rushing in to see if child can resettle on their own first if nap is less than 45 minutes
  • Feed upon WAKING from sleep, not before (bedtime is the exception)

Looking for more detail on baby sleep? Lauren just published a Newborn Sleep Survival Guide specifically for infants from birth to 4 months. It’s the perfect resource for new and expecting mamas.

For more professional Baby & Toddler Sleep Ideas and Help, visit sleepandthecity.com

Lauren Olson, Certified Child Sleep Specialist at home with her two children

(Photography provided by Layce Bauman Photography)

What people are saying about Little Nugget

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At Little Nugget Co, we pride ourselves on making an awesome app that helps you document and capture your baby’s sweet moments and milestones. We absolutely love when our customers share their feedback about our app on the iTunes App store. We wanted to share some of our favorite customer reviews with you! Here’s what people are saying about the Little Nugget app:

What people are saying about the Little Nugget app! This is a must-have for all moms!

With over 450+ stickers and artwork, our app makes it so easy to customize your photos! Easily edit your baby photo with a selection of over 15 beautiful photo filters.

What people are saying about the Little Nugget app! This is a must-have for all moms!

Editing a baby milestone photo is super quick + easy with our Little Nugget app!

What people are saying about the Little Nugget app! This is a must-have for all moms!

We love this review from Ashleigh smiles because we believe our app is the most user friendly editing app out there! We listen to our customers and fans and make changes when there needs to be one.What people are saying about the Little Nugget app! This is a must-have for all moms!

The Little Nugget app offers lots of different categories including artwork to use during your pregnancy! We have a “Badges by Week” collection to help capture your weekly bump photos. We also have a whole “Pregnancy” collection which has due date stickers, bump artwork, and pregnancy announcements stickers. We even have a whole collection dedicated to “Multiples + Preemies”!

Here are some other reviews from our awesome customers and fans: 

“I love that I can snap a picture and add filters and text later rather than having to use a chalkboard and get him to stand still with it” – A cunningham87

“I can’t stop taking pics of my little guy just so I can create doodles and art on the pictures for our family.” – Jronsenthal02

“With this app I am able to remember the milestones and daily things that happen in my children’s life with a few simple clicks. I feel like I am creating works of art in no time.” – Asks she

“I’d recommend this app to any pregnant mommy!” Jackie88marie

“It’s so easy and extremely organized.” – DevynOatmeal

What are you waiting for? 

Download the Little Nugget App today!

 Download the Little Nugget app today